What to Do with Travel Photos When You Get Home

Every once in a while, we all love taking some time off our busy schedules to travel and have some fun. This is great for our bodies, minds, and soul.

One must-have item on all these trips is a camera – no matter the type. It could be a high DSLR camera or a smartphone camera. It really doesn’t matter. As long as it can take photographs, it is coming along. Unfortunately, after the travels, it is easy for the memories to fade away. We get so engrossed in our work that everything becomes distant memories. Most of the pictures we took never even get a second look. This doesn’t need to be the case. Here are 5 creative ways of making use of your travel photos and keeping the memories alive as you are looking forward to the next trip.

1. Travel Memento Boxes

Instead of stashing the maps and photos away, this is something that you can create and display for family and friends. Find a nice, sturdy box and use the maps from your travel to cover it. You can then store tickets, pamphlets, and even print out some of your favourite photos from the trip and store them in the box. Place this box for display to your family and friends when they come visiting or you can keep it for moments you want to reminisce the fun you had on the trip.

2. Pocket Travel Journal

Before leaving on any holiday, we always have a checklist of what to bring with us. A travel journal is usually a must have for many of us. We use it to note down our activities and the most interesting parts of the holiday. You can take this a little further and use it to immortalize your travel photos. To do this, print out the best pictures and stick them right inside your entries. This way, when you read through your journal, you’ll have visual reminders for the fun times you had.

3. Canvas Print Your Favourites

If you have some extra special shots that look absolutely great and came out in high detail, then get them printed on canvas and hang them in a special place in your home or office. Nothing beats seeing a reminder of great times, especially at work if you’re having a rough day. You can get this done at a lot of places online.

4. Home Photo Gallery

I bet your walls have plenty of unused space. Why not convert this space into a mini gallery? Your home will be livelier and you will be carried back through time each time you walk around your home. Each time you get home from a holiday, print a few of your best photos and add them to your home photo gallery.

5. Personal Calendar

I’m sure that we all have calendars that we use to keep track of important events in our lives. Well, a calendar can also be a way to remind you of the fun you had on your previous travels. Instead of buying a calendar, how about making one yourself? Just pick some photos you love and use them to design your calendar. Best part is that you get to decide everything about the calendar. You can therefore get a very custom look.

6. Smartphone Cover

While you may need the help of a professional to pull this one successfully, it is worth every bit of effort. There is just no way of keeping your memories fresh and carrying them with you every day. Just pick the best photos, ones that you’d like to see every day and get a professional to print them for you. You can even decide of the shape, size, and orientation of each photo for a more personal look.

Well, these are a few ways of keeping your memories alive. There is however no limitation to what you can do. If you have more great ideas, we’d really love it if you could share them in the comment section below.

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